David Sonnewald

David Sonnewald

PhD Candidate in Economics

UCLouvain Saint-Louis - Bruxelles


I am a PhD candidate and researcher in economics at the Center for Applied Public Economics (CAPE), at UCLouvain Saint-Louis - Bruxelles. I am also a member of the Center for Research in Economics (CEREC) and the International Microsimulation Association (IMA).
In 2023/24 (fall), I visited the Department of Applied Economics at HEC Montréal.
My research interests include labour and education economics, microsimulation modelling, and data science. As personal interests, I am also fond of behavioural economics and economic history, with a particular focus on the evolution of social inequalities.
At CAPE, I have been working on the Beamm project, a tax-benefit microsimulation model for Belgium, while my personal research is more closely related to the field of labour economics.
I am also teaching assistant for the course of Public Economics at Bachelor level.

  • Labour and education economics
  • Microsimulation modelling
  • Data science
  • Behavioral economics
  • Economic history and social inequalities
  • PhD in Economics, present

    UCLouvain Saint-Louis - Bruxelles

  • Visiting PhD Student, 2023

    HEC Montréal

  • MSc in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations, 2020

    Bocconi University

  • Exchange Program, 2018

    EMLyon Business School

  • Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences, 2017

    Bocconi University


Beamm project
Beamm project
Mar 2020 – Present Brussels

Beamm is

  • a comprehensive tax-benefit microsimulation model
  • available online and in open-access
  • running on mostly administrative data
  • and a platform for scientific research and policy support
Mar 2020 – Present Brussels

Beamm.brussels is

  • a project to built a comprehensive tax-benefit microsimulation model for the Brussels Capital Region
  • available online and in open-access at beamm.brussels (coming soon)
  • running on a micro-dataset representing the population of the Brussels Capital Region
  • focussing on tax-benefit competences of the Region
  • beamm.brussels is funded by Innoviris in the Prospective Research for Brussels program

Talks in conferences and seminars

Jan 2024 – Dec 2024
  • Après-midi d’étude sur Bruxelles, February 20th, UCLouvain Saint-Louis Bruxelles.
  • 9th World Congress of the International Microsimulation Association, January 8th-10th, University of Vienna.
Jan 2023 – Dec 2023
  • Department of Applied Economics Internal Seminars Series, December 6th, HEC Montréal.
  • Micro Breakfast Seminar, Department of Economics, October 20th, McGill University.
  • Department of Applied Economics Internal Seminars Series, September 13th, HEC Montréal.
  • 22nd LAGV Conference, June 28th-30th, Palais du Pharo (Marseille).
  • Doctoral Meeting of the Center for Research in Economics, June 20th, UCLouvain Saint-Louis Bruxelles.
  • XLII APHES Conference, June 16th, 17th, Porto University.
  • IAAEU Workshop on Labour Economics 2023, March 30th, 31st, Trier University.
Jan 2022 – Dec 2022
  • Winter Doctoral Workshop in Economics 2022, December 9th, UCLouvain Saint-Louis Bruxelles.
  • 17th edition of the Belgian Day for Labour Economists (BDLE), October 7th, Federal Planning Bureau, Brussels.
  • Spring Doctoral Workshop in Economics 2022, May 23rd, UCLouvain.
  • Doctoral Workshop of the Center for Research in Economics, March 8th, UCLouvain Saint-Louis Bruxelles.


  • +32 2 211 79 56
  • UCL Saint-Louis, office E2, Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 43, Brussels, 1000